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Trio Ambles / 三人行

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

'Trio' is still an on going series. I got the inspiration from an old saying "三人行必有我师 / Walk along with two others, they may serve me as my teachers'. Be humble is an important value in Chinese culture of humanity-There're always someone around us we could learn from, we will select their good qualities and follow them, whereas their bad qualities and avoid them. Be modest, be honest, every day we examine ourselves on three counts. "They're vital concept in Chinese culture and as I grew up I'd just been educated in that way.

And, Three is a significant number in Chinese culture. In 'Tao Te Ching' (道德经) of Laozi, Tao is the Originator of undivided universe(1), the universe gives rise to Yin and Yang(2); Yin and Yang give rise to heaven, earth, and people(3), and then the #3 gives birth to everything. // 道生一, 一生二, 二生三, 三生万物。So in this series is always about the "Three".

title: Hiking

material: transitional Chinese pigments on silk. 103x80cm (41x31inches)

This series of paintings is about the “Trio”-that threesome set out on a daily adventure to coffee and book shops, outdoor activities. During the year of pandemic and most of time we were in quarantines, the outings were actually in my imagination and search for meaning- the meaning of life, what socializing means for each of us? Are we in pursuit of filling proverbial hole through other people? or in the end, will we reach the fantasy we have envisioned for ourselves?

title: Trio ambles #3 / 三人行

material: transitional Chinese pigments on silk. 90X123cm (35X48in)

title: Trio ambles #2 / 三人行

material: transitional Chinese pigments on silk. 90X123cm (35X48in)

The 'Trio' series were using Chinese traditional pigments and ink painted on silk. I really enjoy use the tranditional method and put it into a contemporary language.

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