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Xu Linlin, AKA ALICE LIN, living in Beijing.

She first fell in love with the Chinese traditional painting since she's been a child, studied from a calligraphy artist Mr.Gongzhe Zhang. After that she studied western painting skills at the affiliated high school of Central Academy of Fine Arts. ALICE style is rich and full of details, harmonizes apparently discordant elements and intertwines them together by a skillful use of drawings or paintings. The resulting is unique, fanciful whimsical, undertones of wit and a good old vivid finish.

Pablo Picasso once said, “Art is a lie that tells the truth.” Between corporeality and spirit is being and nothingness. And such mystics of life perhaps best tell a truth or define truth itself by combining the surrealistic components of dream and reality. All is ever changing and growing. From dose not necessarily rationalize existence, and there is often meaning

in the void. Alice Lin’s floral and fauna leads you into a world of kaleidoscope that challenges your perception of life. She combines wildlife into human form, plants, animals into a singular, calm, dark vision, echoing the each individual’s transient but beautiful nature of life like flowers.

1980 年出生,现居北京,自由艺术家。

自幼师从于著名书法篆刻艺术家张公者先生学习书法, 中国画和古典诗词。1996 年考入中央美术学院附中研习绘 画。作品包括新工笔绘画,素描和数字 3D 装置作品。她的 绘画风格细腻繁复,关注动物,植物,自然与人类心 灵之间 的关系,以超现实元素揭示了一个独特,异想天开的心灵宇 宙。

由于从儿时就接触中国绘画,在脑海里积存了很多各种不同的技法特色,但我自身身体里的血液和精神感受却是现在进行时的,这样就形成 了一个有趣的东西,我的绘画要用传统工具和技法来制作,再从自己现在的感受里产生并表现出来。我的作品中总是在讲诉着物与物之间, 物与灵相互之间的存在与非存在。结合梦想和想象力的超现实元素执行人类的情感,组成生命的元素可以以多种形式相互融入,用一个看似 虚幻的现实讲诉真实和真实自身。正如毕加索所言“艺术是揭示真理的谎言”。在作品中的动物和植物看似熟识却又非同以往,动物和植物 结合于人形, 是肖像也是静物,象征生命像花朵一样美丽而易逝。万物没有保持不变 , 一切都可变,一切都在变。 看似有形却又不存在, 看 似空洞却是实在的充盈。纸本或绢本设色作品使用中国传统的工笔画技法结合超现实意境,希望给古老而优秀的传统绘画技法带来更多种表 现形式, 从而让更多人了解和喜爱优秀的中国文化。

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